A blend of several techniques, often done with a deeper intend to get through the fascia surrounding the muscles to get to the muscles themselves. A mix of Neuromuscular therapy, fascial release, and deep circulatory work are done to promote blood flow and the movement of toxins out of the muscles. This is mixed with some stretching to open the tissues and allow for more work to be done. This is done with oil or lotion.


An ancient modality which is meant to sooth and relax the muscles as well as the nervous system. It integrates many yoga-like moves, palm pressing, as well as acupressure point work. This is done fully clothed and either on a floor mat or table.


Ancient form of alternative medicine, when suction is formed over the skin using cups. Meant to help promote blood flow, while loosening deeper layers of tissues beneath the top layer of the skin.


Also known as circulatory massage. Helps to promote blood flow and the release of toxins out of the tissues. Can be done lightly to help more with the nervous system, or more deeply to get into the muscles themselves. Petrissage, kneading, and long fluid strokes are performed throughout the massage. This is done with oil or lotion.


Tui Na

Is a Chinese massage technique that has been around for centuries. It incorporates hand rolling, acupressure point work, kneading, and organ assessment to help promote healing from the inside out. Can be used for the treatment of acute injuries, common ailments, as well as soft tissue. This is done fully clothed.

Gua Sha

Traditional Chinese medical treatment when the skin is scraped with a flattened tool, producing "sha" or color on the surface of the skin. Meant to stimulate blood flow and healing to the area worked on. 


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